SA Premier Cheerleading

SA Premier cheerleading teams compete at a higher level against other special needs cheer teams. Participants will learn a routine composed of jumps, tumbling, stunts and dance choreographed to music. Depending upon skill level, athletes will be placed on the Platinum or Gold teams. Training begins in August and teams compete in 4-5 traditional cheer competitions through March. Learn more about scholarships here.

Division Info

Appropriate for children who walk independently.
Appropriate for children who use an assistive device.
Appropriate for children who use a wheelchair.

SA Premier

Division Requirements

  • Athlete may have a physical or intellectual disability
  • Successful tryout or recommendation by staff
  • Possess the skill and desire to compete at a higher level
  • Must be able to comprehend and retain rules and skills, and then build upon them from week to week
  • 1:1 support is not provided, so must be able to train, compete, function in a group setting and follow the coach’s directions without volunteer assistance
Typically offered
Winter Spring Summer Fall
Platinum: 2x week for 9 mos | Gold: 1x week for 6 mos
Program Fee
Monthly fee based on practices and competitions

Sport Requirements

  • Children who use assistive devices such as walkers or wheelchairs must be able to propel themselves up to 30 feet independently in a reasonable time for independent participation
  • Must be independent (including feminine hygiene), able to communicate needs and able to retain most skills week to week including multiple formations
  • Must commit to being present and on time each week
  • Responsible for uniform, shoes and bow

Platinum Team Requirements

  • Must commit to 4-5 competitions, including NCA competition in Dallas and Florida if the team qualifies

Gold Team Requirements

  • Must commit to 2-3 local competitions


  • Not attending practice the week before competition will result in removal from competition
  • Late fees will be applied if late to competitions (10-minute grace period)