SA Xtreme Paratriathlon

Paratriathlon is one of the newest Paralympic sports.  Athletes complete a course that tests athlete’s endurance and skills through the combination of three discipline: swimming, track, and biking.  Adapted equipment such as hand bikes or tandems for biking and wheelchair racers for track are permitted.  Paratriathlon is a unique, inclusive and dynamic sport that challenges athletes to compete a different level.

Division Info

Appropriate for children who walk independently.
Appropriate for children who use an assistive device.
Appropriate for children who use a wheelchair.

SA Xtreme

Division Requirements

  • Must only have a physical disability
  • Successful tryout or recommendation by staff
  • Possess the skill and desire to compete at a higher level
  • Must be able to comprehend and retain rules and skills, and then build upon them from week to week
  • 1:1 support is not provided, so must be able to train, compete, function in a group setting and follow the coach’s directions without volunteer assistance
Typically offered
Spring Fall
2-Day Clinic
Program Fee

Sport Requirements

  • Must be able to participate in all three disciplines

Swimming Requirements

  • No assistance is provided in the water, so athletes must swim independently in depths of up to 9 feet
  • Athletes must have an understanding of swim strokes and can swim with or without a waist belt

Ambulatory Track Requirements

  • Athlete must be ambulatory with or without an assistive device
  • Must be able to complete a 1/2-mile (2 laps)

Wheelchair Track Requirements

  • Athlete can be ambulatory and still compete in wheelchair events
  • Athletes must be able to propel 100 meters independently with good form and alignment

Biking Requirements

  • Must be able to bike independently with or without adapted equipment